Studi Eksperimental: Perilaku Siklik Anticompression Split-K Braced Steel Frame


  • Oksa Eberly Universitas Brawijaya
  • Sri Murni Dewi Universitas Brawijaya
  • Wisnumurti Wisnumurti Brawijaya University



anticompression brace, buckling failure, cyclic behaviour, cyclic test, tension-only brace


This paper presents an experimental study on the behaviour of a braced steel frame with a proposed system: anticompression brace system (ABS) subjected to cyclic lateral loads. The ABS is proposed to deal with common brace buckling problems. In the study, split-K braced steel frames: with ABS and with ordinary brace system (OBS) were used as speciments. Cyclic loading tests were conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed system in preventing the brace to buckle and to obtain the behaviour of the frame with ABS compared to the frame with OBS under cyclic quasistatic loading. From the cyclic tests, it was observed that the proposed system worked in preventing the braces to buckle, hence, the aimed state, “buckling prevention†was achieved. The results of the study also show that the frame with ABS had a lower initial stiffness compared to the frame with OBS, nevertheless, after exceeding drift ratio of 0.85% based on raw data or 0.64% based on fitted-curves, the frame with ABS exhibited good behaviour through lower degradations in stiffness and cyclic strength relative to the frame with OBS that experienced sudden and greater degradations. 

Author Biographies

Oksa Eberly, Universitas Brawijaya

Undergraduate Student at Brawijaya University

Sri Murni Dewi, Universitas Brawijaya

Professor of Civil Engineering at Brawijaya University

Wisnumurti Wisnumurti, Brawijaya University

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Brawijaya University


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How to Cite

Eberly, O., Dewi, S. M., & Wisnumurti, W. (2020). Studi Eksperimental: Perilaku Siklik Anticompression Split-K Braced Steel Frame. Rekayasa Sipil, 14(2), pp.143 – 153.