Analisa Tegangan, Regangan Dan Deformasi Pada Perkerasan Konvensional Dan Perkerasan Porus

Mukhammad Mukhlis, Ludfi Djakfar, Harimurti Harimurti


In Indonesia generally use conventional flexible pavement, where the ability to pass water is not good. One prevention effort is using porous flexible pavement. To determine the effect of stress, strain, and deformation on porous and conventional pavement, a semi-field pavement study was conducted and focused on improving track performance. Semi-field scale is an analytical method that using a certain scale that can represent the actual conditions that occur in the field, both on the load, material, and thickness. From the measurement results, the value of stress and strain increased along with the increasing number of tracks. Meanwhile, the deformation on the surface of the asphalt due to the passing wheel load increases as the number of tracks increases.


Conventional flexible pavement; deformation; porous flexible pavement; strain; stress

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